I have arrived safely in South Africa, and am loving it so far!

Mom and I left for Seattle on the 11th. On the way down we stopped in chilliwack for lunch with aunty Lauretta. We also stopped at a mall, where in true Christina fashion, I lost my wallet. Luckily a store found it, but not before I got on my plane and cancelled all my cards. Mom and i figured out a way for me to get by in the meantime, but hopefully my new cards are sent soon. Lucky I prepaid for my hostels and bus tickets!

After losing my wallet 12 hours before my flight I found out great news. My cousin Bob and his wife Jess had their baby! I can’t wait to meet him. And my other cousin Justine got engaged! Everyone is going through big life changes while I am away. So between all the good news and sushi with mom I was in a good mood despite the missing wallet.

My flight from Seattle to Amsterdam was 8.5 hours, my first international flight! I had an hour layover in Amsterdam then a 10.5 hour flight to Jo’berg, where I spent 8 hours. Jo’berg to George was about 1.5 hours so in total, including a delay in Amsterdam, I spent about 22 hours on planes.

I met some interesting people, watched about 7 movies (including the fox and the hound) and discovered the joys of plane food. I really need to explain vegan better. I got through half a yogurt in a box labelled ‘vegetarian-vegan’ before realizing what it was. Then I recieved a cheese and mayo sandwhich with a ‘dairy snack’ and granola for breakfast. I’m also fairly certain I ate warmed dog food at one point.

Anyways, I arrived safely in George and made it to my hostel thanks to a lovely couple, Denny and Stella, who I met on the plane. My hostel forgot to send someone to pick me up. But Denny and Stella have a daughter my age and are used to ‘international orphans’ so they offered me a ride. They gave me their contact info and invited me to stay with them or call if I needed anything.

It was quite rainy in George so i went to the local climbing gym, broke in my new climbing shoes and then went for a swim at the pool down the street. I also had to run out to get a plug adapter, turns out the ones I bought in Canada, which say ‘south africa’ on them, don’t work here.

All is well, and it is absolutely gorgeous here! I am preparing to take a bus to cape town this afternoon, but in the meantime I’m going to go for a jog and grab some breakfast.
The drive into seattle

Packed and ready to go!

A cloudy plane ride

I thought these giraffe-unicorn-pegasuses in the Amsterdam airport were hilarious

Yogurt isn’t vegan?

Sunrock inn, pretty much all i saw of Johannesburg

Outeniqua lodge in George, where I’m currently staying.

My new friend, the lodges dog check

Preparing to go climbing on a rainy day.

The walk to the pool/grocery/town

3 thoughts on “Departure

  1. Yay! It sounds like you’re having a wonderful start to your adventure. I’m so happy for you, Christina. Have such a great time over there!

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